I currently own a CarveWright CX CNC machine.


Here is a quick video from CarveWright outlining the machine and showing a few things it can do:



I bought my machine in May of 2015.


I’m a seasoned woodworker who bought the machine to expand my line of products and to speed up my ability to produce rough outs for items I carve by hand.


This is how my machine arrived. Both the box and machine were in perfect condition.


**NOTE – You must keep the box the machine comes in! You need it if you ever have to send it back to CarvWright for service or hardware updates.




I bought the CarveWright CX Plus package in May of 2015 which at that time included their Designer 3 Pro software, scanning probe, and decorative bits set.


I spent around $2700. That price included the RingNeck Blues dust collector.




Here is a quick picture of my CarveWright with the RingNeck Blues dust collector attached:




I make sure to run all new patterns in 1/2″ pink foam first to make sure the pattern is safe to run before running it on actual material. This allows me to tweak the pattern if needed and avoid breaking the machine and/or bits if something is wrong.


Here’s a quick picture of one of the first designs I did on my machine in pink foam:




It’s a Wine caddy which came out great for a first run project on this machine. Here it is ran in wood:




Here are a few more examples of stuff I’ve made with this machine:


Adirondack Wine and Coffee Holder



Deck Wine and Drink Holder



Decorative Carpenter Bee Trap



Here is a good example of how well the scanning probe works:




So far, I am very happy with this machine.


I’ll cover more of its capabilities in more detail in later posts.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the very active forum for this machine –