I’ve had my Craftsman 10″ Table Saw (model #137.248481 ) for over 10 years.



It recently started smoking and then totally seized up. So I tore it apart and found the rear bearing on the motor actuator was totally cooked to the point I couldn’t get it to turn at all.




Turns out this is a common issue with this particular model and motor due to the rear bearing being sourced from China.


The hardest part of this repair is getting the old pressed on bearing off the armature. There is little to no clearance to get just a puller on it.


You most likely will need a bearing separator like the one shown:



You will need to clamp it behind the bearing so the puller has something to grab on to or you’ll have to cut the bearing off using a Dremel and cutoff wheel.


Sears Parts Direct will not just sell you the bearing for this model. They do for other models, but not this one. They only sell the armature as a whole for about $120.


Bearings are always marked on the seals. The rear bearing on this model is marked 6200ZZ (metal seal) and the front, which was fine and didn’t need replaced, is marked 6201RS (rubber seal).


USA Bearing & Belts had the 6200ZZ in stock for $2.19 ($3 s/h). I ordered two in case I hoarked one up. Turns out my neighbor had a Harbor Freight floor press which made the new bearing installation effortless and error free.


Here are a couple pictures of the armature with the new bearing installed:




This repair went well and I’m hoping to get at least another 10 years out of this trusty table saw.


Here are a couple links to BCtrucks YouTube videos that cover this fix in great detail. These were a huge help and great reference for me while working on my machine:


Craftsman Table Saw Repair Part 1

Craftsman Table Saw Repair Part 3